Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oxford Businesses/Employees earning less in Summer

Summer is here and many Oxford residents are enjoying their new quiet surroundings now that the majority of Ole Miss students are gone. Although the town may seem quieter, so is the amount of profit being made by local businesses. Ginny Sinn, Owner of Star Package Store, says profits decrease tremendously while students are gone for the summer. She hopes Ole Miss will be able to host a regional baseball game over the summer in order for the amount of her business to increase. Businesses however aren't the only ones feeling this affect. Aaron Divjak, an employee of Three Guys Pizza in oxford says he is having to take on a second and third job in order to make up for money lost during the summer time. He is even taking on a job out of state because he feels Oxford does not present enough job opportunities for part time work. 

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