Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mississippi Coast Taking on Oil

For now the Mississippi Coast hasn't seen any environmental effects from the BP Oil Spill out in the Gulf of Mexico, but the short term economic effects are becoming apparent. The oil company has been hiring up local citizens to help with the clean up on both sea and shore. BP is sponsoring hazmat training classes and paying well for charter boat captains to venture out into the gulf and help with various tasks. Although BP seems to be consoling the gulf coast, residents are skeptical. Some believe oil booms will be utterly ineffective and that BP is attempting to put on the front of trying to help, but is more interested in salvaging the Deepwater Horizon well than stopping the massive leak. Even if oil doesn't make landfall it could still spell out the largest industrial disaster the gulf coast has ever seen, and for a community still recovering from Hurricane Katrina it may just be too much.

For more on the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill check out the video below:

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