Thursday, April 22, 2010

OM Calling Center Works to Beat Budget Cuts

Budget cuts are affecting nearly every area of The University of Mississippi campus. However, a group of Ole Miss students, led by David Warner, are working to cushion the blow. The Ole Miss Calling Center, a branch of nationwide fundraising corporation RuffaloCODY, located in the Memory House on campus, call alumni, parents, and friends of the University nightly. Each call will, hopefully, end in a monetary pledge.
With a goal of $1 Million each year, the students have a huge impact on the experiences of Ole Miss students.Pledges range from $10 to thousands of dollars, and, no matter what size of gift, each one makes a difference to Ole Miss. The U.S. News and World Report looks at the number of donors, not the amount of donations, when ranking schools. This also encourages corporate donors to give more to the school.
Gifts go towards scholarships, financial aid, technology upgrades in the classrooms, faculty seminars, building renovations, and much more. So, after graduation, when your Caller ID flashes "University of Mississippi," be sure to pick up the phone and give.

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