Friday, April 23, 2010

Lending a Helping Hand

University of Mississippi students and Oxford residents are making strides to improve the lives of those who are homeless in the Oxford community. An immediate needs group and Ole Miss Outdoors has teamed up with Interfaith Compassion Ministries to promote Operation Brown Bag. This project is part of Green Week at the university. Students can help the homeless and recycle at the same time by donating items, including slightly used clothing, to a great cause.

ICM served 271 homeless people in Oxford in 2009, including 153 children. The organization and the immediate needs group on campus encourages Oxford residents to not only participate in Operation Brown Bag this week, but help the homeless throughout the year by contributing time and money, attending informational meetings, and talking to public officials about providing support for the homeless. For more information about getting involved, contact immediate needs group leader,Bowman Hitchens, at or ICM director, Lena Wiley at 662-281-1002.

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