Friday, April 23, 2010

Amy Wilson: The Space Between Us

Amy Wilson is a contemporary artist from Jersey City, NJ. Her work is currently at the University Museum in Oxford, Mississippi. She came up with the title of her exhibit, The space between us, from a Robyn Hitchcock song that she regularly thinks of. Wilson's inspiration for her artwork is from her personal life and current events that are going on in the world. The voices that are depicted in her artwork are different voices in Wilson's head.

Wilson's work is also currently being featured at the Bravin Lee Programs in New York City. Her exhibit, at the Bravin Lee Programs, is called It takes time to turn space around. Her work has been shown in exhibitions across the world. Her work has been featured in Istanbul at the Pera Museum, Bravin Lee Programs, and Bellwether Gallery in New York City. Exhibitions of her work have been featured at Bellwether, PS1, The Drawing Center, The Warhol Museum, The Grollier Club, and Josee Bienvenue Gallery, PPOW, and other locations.

She also teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Wilson received her BFA from School of Visual Arts ,and her MFA from Yale University. For more information about the exhibit at the University Museum, call 662-915-7073 . The exhibit will be there until June 5, 2010. To learn more about Amy Wilson, visit her website. She also has a blog where she updates her life experiences every so often. On her blog, Wilson shares her thoughts about Ole Miss, and the town of Oxford.

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  1. That was very enthralling...I'm very interested in artwork, and am intrigued by this artist.