Friday, April 23, 2010

Ole Miss Students Abusing Adderall

With Finals week quickly approaching students at Ole Miss are doing what they can to prepare themselves for long nights of studying and the minimal sleep that comes with it. During this week many students may feel the pressure to take adderall to help with studying even without a doctor's prescription.

Ole Miss Student Lee Patterson, 22, is a prescribed adderall user and said he is always called by friends and acquaintances in hopes of purchasing the drug from him. Barbara Collier, Director of the on campus Student Health Center said students should be more aware of the dangers of taking this drug without a prescription. Collier said use of the drug can lead to rapid heart rate and possible death if not used correctly.

Currently the University does not provide any programs to inform students of the life threatening dangers of using the drug; however university officials are discussing possible programs for the near future.

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