Monday, April 26, 2010

OUCH³: Conspicuous Consumption

Oxford Mississippi's Double Decker Festival is wholesome entertainment the entire family can enjoy. Street vendors selling arts and crafts, lively music, and games for the kids. But as with many facets of life in Oxford, there exists a hidden undercurrent of deviancy and alcohol abuse.

Perhaps no group better demonstrates this then OUCH³. The Oxford University Community Hash House Harriers.

This self-described "drinking club with a running problem" meets once a month and runs along hidden trails anywhere from 2-7 miles. On the way, "hashers" are required to stop at secret checkpoints, chug a beer from a concealed cooler or perfectly-timed "beer wagon", and continue to the next checkpoint. By the end most runners are so exhausted and intoxicated, they might actually think Admiral Ackbar IS Colonel Reb.

According to the Local Voice, Hash Runs date back to the 1930's. While it's unclear exactly how long the Oxford chapter has been at it, the fact that it only costs $10 to get obliterated will probably solidify it's future for a long time.


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