Monday, May 2, 2016

The 2016 Edition of The University of Mississippi's yearbook, "The Ole Miss", is released in late April.

Students Receive Their New Yearbooks in
the Pavilion at Ole Miss
The University of Mississippi's latest installment of the yearbook was released to the students during the final week of April. Students were able to pick up their yearbook by simply presenting their school ID to the yearbook staff.

Annual yearbooks have long been a loved tradition, and have played an important role in our society's record keeping. In an age of social media, and instant memories, yearbooks have remained a beloved tradition.

The Ole Miss, has played a particularly notable role in The University of Mississippi's history, by providing it with its affectionate nickname, for which it is now widely known.

For more on "The Ole Miss" and its latest publication, see the story:

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