Monday, May 2, 2016

Ole Miss Students Walk Away From Parking Issues

Students go to social media to express their anger towards parking on campus.
It's that time of the year: finals week. Students feel the pressure of having to make the grade over the next two weeks. But students also feel the pressure of another issue: Parking.  Most of the time students have to come to campus at least an hour before their classes start to even find a parking space.
Students even express their thoughts of parking at Ole Miss, like the tweet above. Because of this, most commuters now prefer to either walk or bike to campus. According to the University of Mississippi's website, enrollment has grown by 38% over the past decade, and by 14% in the past five years alone. That along with the recent studies shown by Walk Bike To School, it makes since for students to walk or bike to class if they can.

Parking at Ole Miss continues to be a hassle for students.
The university is trying to fix the problems by adding more parking spaces around the campus, including a new parking lot next to the Track and Field Complex. In addition to the new parking lot, the school plans on opening a residential parking garage in time for the 2017-18 school year. Students can only hope that the new changes will help create a free-flowing driving experience. Until then, other forms of transportation will be used.

James Lott has more on this story and a student's opinion on the issue in the video below:

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