Monday, May 2, 2016

Stress Causes an Increase in Tobacco Consumption amongst Ole Miss College Students

Finals week is approaching and due to upcoming exams,  the college students at the University of Mississippi's stress levels are at their highest. Many individuals start smoking in their teens and become addicted throughout their adult years. Anxiety, stress, and peer pressure are a few of the number of reasons students may partake in tobacco consumption when they are in college. 

Behind substances such as Heroine, Cocaine, and alcohol, nicotine ranks number five on the list of most addictive substances.Psychologists say that though some may think smoking is relieving their stress, they are actually wrong

Rather than helping smokers relieve their stress, the nicotine actually increases anxiety and tension, they claim. This effect smoking has on a person is a psychological addiction. 

Chelsea Scott has more on this story here: 

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