Monday, May 2, 2016

Greek Life at Ole Miss

Greek life is a part of all college campuses, and here at the University of Mississippi, the National Pan Hellenic Council also known as the "Divine Nine" is all the rage. The University is home to 33 fraternity and sororities combined, but Phi Beta Sigma ( Sigmas)is in a league of its own.

Among the Sigmas are also Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA), Delta Sigma Theta (Deltas), and the sisters of the Sigmas Zeta Phi Beta (Zetas), and many more. The nine want to be a united  body along with the other greek councils on campus as they strive to be the best individuals they can be. To be apart of these organizations, maintaining a certain grade point average is a priority along with just being who you are.  The greek experience is different for everyone, but they can all be worth wild. To learn how to be apart of this growing community and become apart of a growing family and foundation click here.

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