Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oxford University Transit, the cheap public chauffer system.

Oxford Mississippi is one of those towns whose population tends to swell at specific times during the year, being a college town. Oxford decided to start a public bus system to help with busy streets, but on the busiest of days(during a football game) the buses get rerouted to avoid going onto campus. In most big cities, public buses are a fairly common sight. Oxford is one of the towns that is just on the edge in average size of being able to support a public bus system.

To find out the bus times and destinations, check the Oxford University Transit website. University of Mississippi students are one of the selection of riders that can ride for free. This helps those who live in the dorms and are often low on cash. Students can catch the bus at the University of Mississippi Student Union and get off at Wal-Mart to do some shopping.

After the first of the year, OUT will have a few more destinations. This will help more people ride who currently don't because of no stops in a reasonable place for them to get on. So if you need to head out and are considering saving gas while doing it, or just want to go on a reasonably cheap tour of part of town, look for bus stop nearest you.

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