Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kettle Drive's $27,000 Dollar Goal

Every December we see them. From early morning to late at night they stand in the cold, ringing a bell to grab our attention and hopefully some of our spare change. They are the Salvation Army Kettle Ringers and in Oxford, Mississippi their job is more important than ever. Their mission is to try and raise $27,000 for the less fortunate by Christmas Eve.

To raise so much money in so little time seems unlikely. In this economy many don't have the money they used to, making it difficult to be generous. However, one Oxford Kettle Ringer, Richie Manning says on her first day two people donated hundred dollar bills. Also, Oxford Salvation Army Director Lisa Coleman says raising $400 a night is pretty common. Both Coleman and Manning believe they will reach their goal.

Money from the Kettle drive goes to several good causes such as healthcare and food for the less those in desperate need. Angie Taylor, Assistant Manage of the Local Salvation Army says she hopes they can help out a family whose home recently burned down and lost all of their possessions.

For those currently in Oxford, if you want to make a donation, they have 4 kettle ringers at three different locations. There is one ringer at Kroger, one at Big Star Grocery, and two at Wal-Mart. They are there from the hours of nine am to five pm and are more than happy for any donation of yours, big or small. Because in the Kettle Drive every penny counts.

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