Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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The Holidays are quickly approaching and many Mississippi residents will be in need of 
blood.  The Mississippi Blood Services are a non profit blood doning organization and the only one is Mississippi. Blood that is donated is given to local hospitals to help the quick recovery of patients who are in them. There are blood centers in Oxford, Jackson, and Greenville. The MBS also has daily local blood drives that are mobile where blood can be given.  MBS is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), a founding member of Blood Centers of America, Inc. (BCA/hemerica), a member of America's Blood Centers (ABC), and a member of the South Central Association of Blood Banks (SCABB). Donating blood is completely safe there is no risk of contracting AIDS or HIV, a sterile needle is used each time blood is donating. 

 process is painless and takes about fifteen minutes to complete. Before the collection of 
blood begins patients are asked several health and sexual questions, nurses refer to this a a mini physical. After the blood is collected patients are asked no to participate in high energy activities for the rest of the day. Fluids and cookies are given to patients after collection to reassure the fluid and sugar levels in the blood are healthy and safe.

In every hos
pital one in seven patients are in need of blood. Every two seconds a patient needs blood for accidents victims, cancer patients, hemophilliacs, and patients undergoing surgery. By donating blood it not only benefits your health it is a great deed for your community as well.

Many lives have been saved through blood donations. To read testimonials click here.

The Mississippi Blood Services were founded in 1979 and just one of the collection centers can donate up to 64,000 units of blood to patients in need a year.
 Seventy percent of all Americans are able to donate blood, but of that percent only four actually donate. 
The blood type mist needed is Type O.
A single car accident can require 100 units of blood.
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To find out more about how you can donate visit MBS website at 
You can also follow the MBS on facebook or twitter. Those unable to donate blood can make monetary donations to support the MBS by clicking here.

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