Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MS Blood Services Urges People to Help Save Lives this Holiday Season

With the Christmas Holidays just around the corner, many Ole Miss Students are in the spirit of giving, and what could be better than giving life? Mississippi Blood Services urges everyone to help save a life by donating blood today. Click here for the story. 

Founded in 1979, Mississippi Blood services is the only MS based not-for-profit blood center. It supplies a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood products to MS hospitals from the Tennessee line to the MS Gulf Coast. The Oxford location at 2627 W Oxford Loop is one of three distribution hubs, where donated blood can be distributed to one of the 49 hospitals they serve across the state. 

According to Lolita Gregory, Operations Director, "Anyone who is sixteen years of age, at least 110 lbs. and currently not under a doctor's care for a medical condition is able to give blood." "There is ALWAYS a need for blood, and never enough of it."
The process starts with a medical screening, or "mini-physical" to make sure donors are eligible to give blood. Questions about medical history, and background information are gathered, and donors are given a finger prick to make sure their iron levels are sufficient. If everything checks out ok, donors are then taken to the drawing stations. The entire process only takes about fifteen minutes.

Visit the  MBS Web site at http://msblood.com/ or call 1 (888) 90-BLOOD for information on mobile drives near you.

Watch MS blood recipient Vivian's powerful story, and get inspired to donate blood today.

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