Friday, May 4, 2012

Student's reaction to The University of Mississippi's Lack of NPHC Housing.

The University of Mississippi is without doubt the pride and joy of The State of Mississippi. After viewing the campus the since of Greek life is evident. Greek Life is so important that a good portion of the Campus is dedicated to Housing for Greek Life. However there is one very important missing factor about the University's Greek Life.
The University of Mississippi is home to many Interfraternity Council- (IFC) houses and Panhellenic Conference, but no National Pan-Hellellenic Council-(NPHC) houses are on the campus any longer. Years ago the campus was home to NPCH house, but today they do not exist. Like other Greek Lettered Councils the NPHC is composed of many organizations. The NPHC is made up of nine organizations commonly called the Divine Nine.Click for more information on this story.

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