Friday, May 1, 2015

special election congress

United States Mississippi Representative Alan Nunnelee had died on February 6, 2015 due to second brain tumor and cancer that kept him ill since May. The Congressman condition was untreatable while being held at the Northeast Mississippi Medical center in Tupelo, Ms which was his hometown. Nunnelee was a member of Republican Party. Since Nunnelee seat has bean vacant, Governor Phil Bryant just planned a special election to take Nunnelee place. There are Many candidates to choose from. Their names are Boyce Adams, Sam Adcock, Nancy Collins, Ed Holliday, Starner Jones, Trent Kelly, Chip Mills, Greg Prickle, Henry Ross, Daniel Sparks, Mike Tagart, Quentin Whitwell, and Walter Zinn. Most of these candidates are independent but have conservative views such as cutting back on spending, limited government, pro-life, pro-gun and likes traditional family values. All lean towards the right wing idealology except the only democrat Walter zinn who is African American attorney and political aide. The general election will take place may 12th and the two highest with the 50% more vote will have a run-off election in June.

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