Sunday, April 27, 2014

Students Abuse Adderall with Finals Coming Up

Ole Miss Senior Student, Christian Tucker is preparing for finals week.
Adderall is a a controlled substance that is prescribed to people who have an alternative learning disabilities. To be prescribed this drug one must go see a doctor, take a test and then the doctor will decide if one is a candidate to be prescribed this drug. On college campus, this drug can be easily obtained if one is not prescribed. At Ole Miss adderall is a huge topic of conversation around the end of bother semesters with finals coming up.

Finals week is a stressful week for students all over the world. What makes one stressed more than usually are the students who procrastinate around finals and have to pull all nighters to know the information needed. It is easy for students to get adderall because most time there is one person in your close group that is prescribed it. These people either give their close friends the drug for free, or one could buy it up to 5 dollars.

Alex Rosado has more on this story, which you can watch by clicking here.

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