Monday, April 28, 2014

Are professor perceptions of student stereotypes present in Ole Miss classroom?

Courtesy of Ole Miss Law School
It's no secret that Ole Miss students place social labels on their peers solely from what they’re wearing, if they're involved in Greek life or not, or even based on a students dialect. Do professors on the Ole Miss Campus do the same? Is there a correlation between a students classroom performance and what stereotypical group they are placed in?

University of Mississippi junior and sorority member, Mckenzie Baldorossi, feels that professors do share the same prejudicial biases that students hold about their classmates and that often times, professors do immediately categorize a student into a stereotypical group just from their appearance. 

Ole Miss football player and fraternity member, Hunter Raines, feels that at first, professors may think that an athlete could be viewed as a "slacker" and that the athlete may believe they're going to receive a certain grade solely based on their campus prominence. However, after the professor gets to know the student as an individual, they may find that the athlete shows an incredible amount of effort in their academic work.

Zach Schwartzman has more on the story.

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