Friday, December 6, 2013

Vinyl Records Make Come Back

Vinyl records started their comeback in recent years according to a New York Times report. Oxford Miss. record store employee, Bill Boyle thinks it's a great thing to be able to hold the music in your hand as opposed to downloading it or streaming it.

Boyle works at The End of All Music, a locally owned and operated vinyl record shop on historic S. Lamar blvd. in Oxford. The store is open seven days per week and according to Boyle holds over ten thousand new and used vinyl records.

"One of my biggest customers is this fifteen year old kid that just comes whenever he's got the money," David Swiger said. Swiger owns The End of All Music and said business is doing better than expected.

"You can get people that will come in looking for the hot new pop record," Swiger said. "When I tell them we don't have it, they typically stay and look around. If they end up buying something, well that's the point of a record store."

The shop does a lot of local work with local recording studio, Fat Possum

"Wyoming by Water Liars has been one that has really flown off the shelves this year," Boyle said. "Local students have really gotten into that one. All the Fat Possum stuff does well."

Ole Miss sophomore, Sydney Eddy does all of her vinyl shopping at The End of All Music and says that listening to records helps her study. 

Eddy uses listens to records to help her study. Click below to see more. 

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