Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gun Range In Oxford, Mississippi Brings Heat With On Going Gun Control Debate

The Range at TGC in Abbeville, Ms
Earlier in 2013 there was a strong push for gun controlled legislation that never passed through. In April 2013,  President Obama announced the decision from the Senate that was denied.  To watch the full speech Click Here. In the South, guns are a common thing to have and opinions whether or not gun control should be regulated is a conversation worth debate. The number of Mississippians applying for permits have been
growing consistently with in the past five years. According to Mississippi Public Broadcasting, more than 1,700 filed applications applications were filled last December. Once filled, The Mississippi Department of Public Safety must undergo a background check in order to grant a fire arm permit. In just this past year Lieutenant Williams reported that they have full filled background checks on 22,261 residents in Mississippi.

With the number continuing to grow the supply and demand of gun ranges and stores are going up. Oxford, Mississippi just opened it's first TGC Outdoor Gun Range located on Highway 7 North. This range has a wide variety to offer from renting guns to giving lessons, but the one offer you cant miss is its eight hour course offered that will expand your gun permit. This permit course peaks interest in small town residents of Oxford and students at Ole Miss who have opinion on the matter.

With more information, Heather Cray has the story here

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