Monday, December 2, 2013

Open Arms helps Needy

Evangelist Carrie Minor and people of the
community as they say grace
Thanksgiving is a time where families get together and enjoy a holiday feast, but not everyone can join in the same festivities. Evangelist Carrie Minor of Natchez, MS started the Open Arms Ministry in hopes of helping out people in need. Minor and the Open Arms Ministry helps out people who are less fortune in the community. For the past seven years she has sponsored a Thanksgiving Community Dinner, giving out food and clothing. The dinner started from the table of Minor. Minor would prepare plates and take them out on the streets of Natchez and hand them out to people. Now she has been able to feed around 200 people on Thanksgiving. Minor has the gift of giving and will do all she can to help a person in need. Although Minor and the Open Arms Ministry may be small in numbers, they are doing great things in the community to spiritually harvest souls. Minor does ask for donations to do more things, but the donations are very few. Minor purchased the food for the Thanksgiving dinner out of her own pocket.
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