Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Restaurants Enter The Student Union

This upcoming fall the University of Mississippi has decided to add a few new restaurants to the Student Union. Pinkberry, Papa Johns, POD, and POD express will all be available starting August to Ole Miss's campus. 

Jeffrey Owens, the interim marketing coordinator for Aramark at Ole Miss, said these new venues were chosen through a process involving surveys, focus groups and market research  to “help determine underserved areas of campus and brand preferences.”

Health and nutrition have always been a big concern for students. Owens said the new restaurant options give students the opportunity to enjoy a healthy meal.

"I am so happy Pinkberry came to Ole Miss," said Ole Miss senior Molly Griffin, "I have been on this campus for five years now and I've been waiting for something healthy to finally be available." 

As well as a new menu, Ole Miss has added a new meal plan, the Plus 1 plan. The plan allows students who are constantly on campus to eat anywhere, anytime. You can find more information on the Plus 1 meal plan here.

For more information on the new restaurants and meal plans in the Student Union, click here.

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