Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mississippi Blood Services and Oxford, MS Residents Look to Save the Children

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. That means, a minimum of 30 million blood components are needed each year. Each year over 1 million children in the Southeast area are stuck with a blood-related disease, and are in need of a blood donation. But where does this blood come from?

Sick children, like the one shown above, are in
 need of blood donations all over Mississippi.
Will you save a life, or 3?
Founded in 1979, Mississippi Blood Services is one of the only Mississippi based non-profit blood center; and they supply blood to all Mississippians. They supply a safe and adequate supply of blood to all of the hospital in Mississippi, including Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children, the only children's hospital in the state where Madeline is located.

Madeline is a 7 year old girl, whose in a battle with cancer, and help survival depends on blood donations.

According to Lolita Gregory, Operations Director in Oxford, "Anyone who is sixteen and older, at least 110 lbs., and currently not under a doctor's care for a medical condition is able to donate blood. There's always a need for blood, and we can never get enough."

The Oxford location for MS Blood Services is located at 2627 W Oxford Loop, where donations are taken and donated to over 49 Mississippi hospitals. Check out the video below to see how your donation could save lives. 

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