Sunday, November 30, 2014

Exclusive Look On How Phoenix Air Employees, In Cartersville, Ga., Have Been Impacted By Transporting Ebola Patients

Clay Wardlaw, president of Safety Plus, walking off of an
 aircraft that is now decontaminated from Ebola.

Phoenix Air employees have become very equipped to their job recently due to the Ebola break out. 

Whether an employee is a contractor, pilot, or owner of Phoenix Air each individual has been affected by a patient or the situation in some way. 

Safety Plus President, Clay Wardlaw, admits that for the past couple of weeks he has been working long hours and has not been able to take a vacation. The decontamination process requires a lot of attention from the contractors, but no one seems to complain. Being apart of the “clean-up” process, the contractors also have built close relationships with the patients.

Chief Pilot, Rickey Smith, even explains how having the privilege to be a pilot for Ebola patients does not bring too many emotions to the table. 

“The people that work here know that this is our job to help others, and it is really just a gratifying experience,” Ricky Smith, Phoenix Air chief pilot. 

Dent Thompson, vice president of operations of Phoenix Air, cannot express enough how thankful he is for his staff and what they do. Each individual does their job with a smile on their face knowing they are doing a good deed. 

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