Sunday, November 30, 2014

Destin, Fla. Residents Upset About Hunting Near Homes

Courtesy of Kate Covington
Duck season has just opened in the town of Destin, Fla. and several homeowners are not happy.

When Kate Covington and her husband, Steven, moved into their home in Kelly Plantation nine years ago, they found their water front view ideal. 

“I purchased it because it was quiet, peaceful and serene,” she said. 

More than 70 homes in Covington’s neighborhood have waterfront views, which is what makes Kelly Plantation so unique. But the waterfront views also make it a great place for duck hunters to wade in the water for ducks to fly over them giving easy access to a good shot.

 “I had no idea during duck season, I’d be awoken every morning at 6 A.M. with people hunting literally in the backyard of my house,” she said.

Along with the loud shooting noises, Covington could see the hunters at work through her window. 

She complained to local Okaloosa County officials but quickly discovered what other residents have learned about hunting regulations in open waters. Peyton LoCicero has more on the story;
see the video below. 

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