Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oxford, MS School District Shows Decline in Drop-Out Rate

The Oxford School District has been hard at work for the last ten years at lowering the drop out rate in it's schools. The Assistant Superintendent, William Hamilton, the Retention Coordinator, Marlon Bell, and many other passionate individuals have successfully connected with students in order to encourage them to enter extracurricular activities while in school. These activities can range from sports, fine arts, to joining JrROTC and are a main driving for in attendance.

The annual drop out rate has dropped from 40 to 11 in the last ten years, showing that it has lowered consistently with the national drop out rate. They have implemented programs and strategies not only at the high school level, but at their lower level schools as well. One program to speak of, is the Summer Bridge Program offered to upcoming 9th graders. The program teaches a large range of subjects from studying skills, to simply being able to find and open their lockers.

The high school also offers AP courses, advanced placement, to keep their students engaged.  Oxford High school functions as a High Preforming School and plans to remain at that status for years to come.

For for more information check out this YouTube video! <-Click Here!

Oxford School District Student outside eating snow.

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