Monday, December 3, 2012

Do Oxford Mississippi gas prices affect how much locals drive

It seems in the past decade that one of the biggest topics in news is the rising cost of gas.  People claim the reason gas prices fluctuate so much are because of "the economy, the war, inflation, higher taxes" and the list goes on.  I am sure there are multiple reasons that are held accountable for the fluctuation in gas prices, but I wanted to find out exactly how people are affected by these changes.  I was curious to see if gas prices go up, do local residents find themselves driving less?  On the contrary, if gas prices go down do they find themselves driving more unneccessary miles or filling up their tanks higher than usual?

The 2012 industry average mpg is 23.2, which has progressively and successfully increased each year.  Some people have made the switch to a smart car, and some city folk have invested in a bicycle to really get the bang for their buck.  This story focuses more on the average person that relies on his or her car to get from point A to point B.  For more information, see the video below.

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