Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Volunteer Oxford, Building Relationships for Young and Old.

Memory Makers Attendee Linda, listens as a volunteer reads to the group.
Many communities around this area as well other places in this country are constantly seeking new ways to give back. More and more people are volunteering time and sometimes other resources to  ensure the success. For many non-profit organizations most of their workers are made up of volunteers. Even here in Oxford, the University hosts a big community service day called BIG EVENT, which with the help of Volunteer Oxford is made possible.

Kelly Graeber, who is the director of Volunteer Oxford, said that what makes volunteering so great is not only its community building but it economic value as well. “For every hour you volunteer its worth over twenty-two dollars to your community. So when you volunteer a hour helping a child with reading or addressing a social issue such as feeding the homeless in your community. You are giving an investment into the community which is a great benefit.”

For a look at Volunteer Oxford and one of its volunteer sites click here.

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