Sunday, November 27, 2011

MidSouth Food Bank Struggles and Black Friday Sales are Rising

The MidSouth Food Bank is dedicated to serving the less fortunate throughout the year and holiday season. Unfortnately this year, the food bank is struggling to meet the holiday demand. With unemployment on the rise, more and more families in the MidSouth area are needing help with the Thanksgiving groceries. More canned goods are being donated, which of course helps with filling Thanksgiving baskets, but the turkey shelves are growing more bare by the day.

Another business that has shoppers cleaning out the shelves is Target. Many vendors participate in Black Friday sales. Shoppers can rack up some amazing deals by following certain websites that offer coupons to help you save! Target opened its doors at midnight and the first shopper to walk through the doors waited for over nine hours to get her Christmas presents for her children. Target employees had shoppers stand in line that eventually wrapped around the entire building and into the parking lot. Shoppers were allowed into the building 30 people at a time, every 15 seconds. Electronics such as TVs, cameras, DVDs, and video games were some of the hot ticket items.

To learn more about the Thanksgiving festivities, click here.

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