Friday, May 6, 2011

Oxford's Lamar Park No Longer Conducive To Dogs, But New Dog Park Opens Nearby

Lamar Park is one of Oxford's largest and most beautiful recreational parks. Located off of Country Club Drive, it has long been a staple for residents and students looking to get outdoors. In years past, the park has been a haven for dog owners. As the park was once a golf course, its spacious, grassy fairways provide a great environment for dogs to run free.
Rampant dogs, however, have run themselves into new, strict leash laws. Several accidents ushered in the new law. One accident, which may have been the last straw, involved a loose canine knocking down an elderly woman, and breaking her wrist. While the park has certainly never had an issue with malicious dogs, the increasing number of dogs running free became hazardous to young children and other people trying to enjoy the park.
So, where in Oxford can dogs safely play? The answer has sprung up just down the street. Oxford's new Humane Society has built a completely fenced in dog park right next door. The grassy area is over an acre in size and open to the public. It allows dogs of all shapes and sizes to bark, wrestle, and chase tennis balls until they beg for the couch.

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