Monday, April 28, 2014

Small town Artist shows strong ties to his heritage through his work

Oxford, Mississippi Artist, Frank Estrada, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, has always had a passion for art and decided to turn that passion into a carrer when he discovered print making. When Estrada first picked up his tools to create his first print he was hooked. A member of the Oxford Artists Guild, Estrada uses his work to dipict both southern and counterculteral themes, but also shows the struggle of Mexican American Immigrants and Mexican culture. One of the prints in Estrada's collection titled, Unemployment, shows Mexican Imigrants working tiresly to make ends meet. Estrada believes his work can help put light on their struggle. To view more on this story please click here. Estrada's work can be seen through the Memphis, Tennesse based Art collection, Front Porch Art.

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